1. Strunk claims that he robbed a hotel when he was eleven years old.

2. Strunk claims that he killed a preacher when he was fifteen.

3. Strunk claims that he rolled a man and left him in the snow to die. He claims to have served five years in prison for this.

4. Strunk claims that he once threw a man out of a car driving down the highway at seventy-five miles per hour "just to watch him bounce down the highway, that was fun."

5. Strunk claims that he stabbed a man and his wife in a bar.

6. Strunk kidnapped a man, drove forty miles to an Indian Reservation, forced him to perform oral sex, made him strip and lie on the ground, kicked him repeatedly, and, finally stabbed him twice in the back with scissors. At the hearing for that case the man, who survived, said the following about how Strunk appeared while kicking him: " I see kids at Christmas time with brand new toys that were pleased. But multiply that by fifty times and you’ve got a good imitation of him."

7. Strunk killed a barmaid.

8. Strunk was involved in a prison uprising.

9. Strunk shot and killed his wife.

10. Strunk Shot but did not kill his wife’s lover.

11. Strunk was convicted of the first degree murder of his wife and sentenced to prison for life.

12. Strunk hired a black prostitute, murdered her, and buried her body.

13. Strunk shot and killed and robbed a man who picked him up hitchhiking. Strunk claims that after shooting him once, the man begged him to take him to the hospital. Instead of taking him to the hospital, Strunk told him " ‘you go to the hospital in the sky,’ and I blew his head off.’"

14. Strunk was convicted of armed robbery.

15. Strunk shot but did not kill a taxi driver and was subsequently convicted of attempted murder.

16. Strunk killed Tammy Timithson.

17 Strunk claims that he has compiled a list of individuals he plans to kill. One target is his ex-father-in-law because he did not purchase a large enough headstone for his daughter, whom Strunk had killed.

18. "I try to escape everywhere I go." … " penitentiary time doesn’t affect me at all." … " If you do something to me, I’ll do something back. I might even do something greater." … " I want the death penalty because of what I might do to somebody if I live." …" [Timithson] wasn’t worth the powder it takes to blow her up."